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Moon Construction has operated as a Commercial General Contractor in North Alabama since its incorporation in 2004.  As a General Contractor we have completed projects that include healthcare facilities, industrial manufacturing facilities, commercial warehouses, commercial offices, government offices/facilities, institutional facilities and bank offices.  Moon Construction has extensive experience with concrete tilt-up construction.  We also operate a concrete division and have completed many projects as a concrete Subcontractor including the National Center for Explosives Training & Research and Redstone Gateway Building 7200 at Redstone Arsenal, the Verizon Wireless Call Center and Crystal Mountain, a bottled water manufacturing plant, both located in Huntsville, Alabama, and the first Cognitive Fish Flume in the world, located in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Our ultimate goal is to meet and/or exceed the expectations of our customers.  We consistently provide quality work and professionalism in every job we do, no matter how big or how small it is. Open communication, attention to detail, and a willingness to go above and beyond has proven to be key reasons satisfied customers continue to allow us to meet their construction needs.

We listen to our customers, develop the best application that will allow the most facility for their budget, and include them throughout the construction process.  At Moon Construction, we meet every challenge to ensure our customers' vision of their project becomes a reality.  


Quality Control Program

Moon Construction Services, Inc. is committed to delivering exceptional construction services and producing a final product that not only complies with all applicable project standards and specifications, but meets and/or exceeds the expectations of our customer.  The Moon Construction team is dedicated to meeting this objective and is unified in making appropriate installation practices and quality control procedures a daily priority. 

Specifications Review

  • Review project specifications pertaining to our scope of work.
  • Review specifications for conflicts within the specs and coordination with the plans and notes.
  • Review specifications for phasing of construction and schedule to ensure it is delineated appropriately and review submittals for conformance to design standards.
  • Compare architectural finish schedules with material types contained in the specifications to ensure all items are specified appropriately.
  • Review major furnishings and equipment to ensure coordination of component types, models numbers, etc. with the plans.
  • Ensure all cross-references to other specification sections are accurate.

Civil Plan Review

  • Review site plans for utilities (old and new) including, but not limited to:  telephone, electrical, sewer, water, gas, storage tanks, pipelines and storm drainage.
  • Review site plans coordination of sidewalks, driveways, landscaping, fire hydrants, lighting easements, rights-of-way, etc.
  • Review site plans to ensure construction phasing can be accomplished as specified when coordinating with other subcontractors.
  • Verify that all plan notes do not conflict with specifications.

Structural/Architectural Plan Review

  • Verify all structural dimensions coordinate with architectural plans.
  • Check all building penetrations against structural plans for conflicts.
  • Review all plans for delineation of existing and new work.

Mechanical/Electrical Plan Review

  • Compare HVAC plans against architectural, electrical and structural plans.  Verify there are no conflicts with wall penetrations, firewalls are coordinated, lighting fixtures and diffusers do not overlap, etc.
  • Verify lighting fixture locations against architectural reflected ceiling plan.
  • Identify all fixture types and check lighting fixture schedule to include all types and verify with plans.
  • Review all equipment and furnishing locations which require electrical connection.
  • Ensure all firewalls maintain their integrity by specifications or plan notes.
  • Verify all plan dimensions.
  • Verify all plan notes do not conflict with specifications.

Jobsite Quality Control

Each project is assigned a superintendent who is in charge of quality control on the project.  The Superintendent is responsible for maintaining the standards on all incoming material, daily reporting, and checking deliveries for accuracy and quality.  Each day he inspects work on the project and ensures standards of safety are maintained while schedule requirements are being met.  In addition, he coordinates daily with the Construction Manager, other contractors, and key people involved with the project.  Our standards and procedures are designed to yield 100% compliance with the specifications of the project.


 Our work is good. We promise. Behind that promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We won't stop working until you like what we've done. 

24/7 Health Club & Wellness Center

​"We were all very impressed with the honesty, knowledge and exceptional service consistently exhibited by the entire Moon Construction crew."

                                                 ~David Blevins


"The Moon team was always willing to look outside the box and many times found creative ways to make ideas happen...I am grateful to work with Moon Construction and could not be more pleased with the end result."

 ~Karrah Hunt

Executive Manager

Madison Police Station Renovation & Expansion

"It proved its worth on April 27.  Initially, it was a 'want,' but these guys helped turn it into a reality.  April 27 it became a 'need.' 

 ~Mayor Paul Finley
City of Madison, AL

"It's a world class facility."

"Moon Construction proved to be professional throughout the entire construction process, and showed their dedication time and time again to even the smallest detail of the expansion."

~Larry Muncey

Chief of Police
 City of Madison, AL

​Bruderer Machinery - Moores Mill Industrial Park 

"Moon Construction Services, Inc. exhibited professionalism, attention to detail, and the ability to meet budget, safety, and schedule goals."

                                                    ~Buddy West

                                                      Alabama Op Manage

                                                       Bruderer Machinery

ADEPT Technologies

"Moon Construction rose to the challenge of this job, completing it on time and on budget.  Most importantly, Moon Construction maintained a high quality standard and was very responsive to challenges that arose and ADEPT's needs as the project progressed.  The project was well managed and the results speak for themselves, a first class facility that ADEPT will be proud to operate for many years to come.

                                                    ~Chad Fielder

​                                                       Vice President

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Office Quality Control

We have a checks and balance system in place that ensures all materials are ordered and received in a manner that meets schedule requirements.  This system also allows us to keep accurate accounting records to ensure cost efficiency.  Quotes received from sub-contractors and suppliers are processed through an accounting system and are separately tracked with individual spread sheets to ensure accuracy of bid pricing.  Prior to billing the Owner, all expenditures are verified and approved by the Project Manager before they are sent for payment.  This billing cycle has proven to be an effective way of maintaining a constant flow and paying for the job in a timely manner.